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Malibu 600 Watt Power Pack

Malibu 600 Watt Power Pack with Sensor Photo Cell and Weather Shield for Low

The Malibu 600 Watt Power Pack is a high-quality transformer built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. The Malibu 600 provides safe and steady power for up-to twenty standard 30-watt light bulbs. Malibu transformers are able to reduce household electrical current output from 110 volts to a much safer 12 volts output, providing a safer more practical electrical current level. Malibu transformers are easily installed making it perfect for do-it-yourself projects.Malibu transformers come with a digital reading, automatic timer, and clock controls facilitating easy light automation. Our transformers range in power from 45 to 900 watts.Total watts of light bulb * number of light bulbs = Minimum transformer size.A standard bulb requires 30 watts of power. If you have 10 30-watt bulbs needing power, you will need at least a 300-watt transformer30-watt light bulb * 10 light bulbs = 300 minimum transformer size.

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Listing created on May 23, 2021

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