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Information about Practice Makes Perfect


Community Marketplace

Practice Makes Perfect: The Bahamas Online Maketplace enables you to buy, sell, or rent new or gently used goods and services with people throughout the Bahamas. PMP was founded in 2017 with a focus on sports and music instrument rentals. Our philosophy was to always exceed our clients' expectations hence we personally picked up and delivered each item to every customer. We have now expanded our product offering to an open online marketplace, allowing the public to rent, buy and sell any goods through our website and apps.

This allows our team to focus on our core product, Service. We facilitate secure transactions by protecting both buyers and sellers from scams and crooks. Nobody 'gets swing' at PMP. Buyers can receive a refund (less delivery cost) if the product delivered was misrepresented in its description or photograph issued by the seller. All purchases or rentals are made using Kanoo Pays or Cash. We no longer accept Visa and MasterCard. This allows every dollar you spend to remain in the Bahamas. Sellers, may choose to receive payments to their Kanoo or local bank account.

Sellers have the assurance of knowing that their products are being viewed by hundreds of people browsing the internet. Sellers can communicate safely and anonymously with buyers without ever giving any personal information. You can rest assured that the agent  picking up your product has been vetted by PMP as being of good character by multiple references. Our Android and IOS apps also allow you to track your delivery in real time. 

Our online marketplace makes the process of buying, renting or selling simple and comfortable for individuals and businesses. Tent sales and garage sales on discounted goods only capture the attention of persons in the area on that given day, however posting those items in our online marketplace gives them 24/7 visibility.

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you, let it go.