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Portable Generator

Powerful Generator

  • Westinghouse WGEN9500DF

  • Dual fuel: Gas or Propane

  • Power your house or all the tools on your jobsite

  • Push button electric start

  • 9,500 W running

  • 12,500 W Peak

  • (2) 20 Amp, (1) 30 Amp, (1) 50 Amp circuit

  • Photo I.D. required and signed rental agreement upon delivery

  • Renter will be charged $1,100 if unit is lost or damaged

How to Operate the Generator:
Safe Home Connection:

Condition:: NEW
Listing created on Oct 27, 2019

Public discussion (1)

Go to head 2

Go To Guy

2 years ago

I used this on 9/1/19 because I never want to go through what we did after Hurricane Matthew. We were without power for 10 days which might not seem like a big deal but with this heat and humidity my girlfriend ended up at PMH because of it. My requirements for a generator is one that can run everything especially the AC. I figured out what the draw off the AC is when it running and with this generator, there is plenty of power to spare, also it has plenty of power to handle the AC start up. I originally thought about getting a Generac whole house system, but it cost more than I could afford. So for less than a fraction of that cost I rent this as needed. I had my boy put in a 50 amp service and a mechanical lockout that prevents the generator feed breaker to be on at the same time as the main breaker. This makes it perfectly legal and safe. No transfer switch to worry about and I could run anything in the house. He installed it and tested it using propane, the generator was a bit noisy but it ran smooth and it powered everything including my split AC. You got to chain it up though or it will walk...

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